ARC – Animal Rehabilitation Centre

Located in Mornington, Victoria our centre is equipped with an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment to aid in all areas of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of your pet. Our dedicated and caring team treat your animal as one of their own and work in conjunction with vets to achieve the best possible outcome for your pet.

Providing treatments for:



Equine Rocktape Practitioners
Equine Physiotherapy Consultations



Canine Physiotherapy Consultations
Canine Myofunctional Massage
Canine Underwater Treadmill
Canine Swimming Pool



Clinical Exercise Group Classes

Our aim is to ensure your pet’s mobility and function is performing to the best of its ability so they can continue on living a comfortable and happy life with you.


Hannah McColl

I can't recommend ARC enough! I started taking my two dogs (Koolie and Kelpie) to ARC toward the end of 2021 for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy and it has done my dogs the world of good. ARC are very reasonably priced and I love that they always put the animal first. The team are so friendly. My dogs adore Jodie and Susan. Jodie is extremely professional and experienced and always makes my dog feel better after a physio session. Susan is so kind, gentle, caring and patient with my dogs and they love their hydroptherapy sessions with her. I feel so grateful to ARC and am so happy to have a place I can take my dogs to as they get older.

Rosslyn Thompson

Took my 17yo spaniel in for a treatment & Jodie also provided nutritional info, stretches and hydro therapy - complete personal doggy attention.


Jodie figured out the issue with my nearly 17 year old dog on the first visit, months of trying other tx options first which did not help. Can not thank you enough, the results were instant. Looking forward to continuing tx. Jodie has incredible knowledge, kind and listened to my concerns. She is fixing up a problem my dog has had for months. We are so grateful. Absolutely kind and attentive staff. Thank you, looking forward to my next visit. Book in you will not regret it. My blind and deaf dog relaxed in her company, she is scared at the vets and I am less stressed too! 🙂


I first took my 13yo Golden Retriever, "Cully Bear" to ARC in April, 2019, after she came down with Vestibular Disease. I thought I may have to have her euthanised, as after 5 weeks she was not making any improvement but I decided to try ARC first before making any decisions. Jodie assessed her and recommended treatments of Laser Therapy, Water Treadmill and Swimming for her. She recovered and I have my Happy, Bouncy Girl again, who has just celebrated her 14th Birthday 🙂 The Staff are Amazing - so Caring and Knowledgeable. They really care about your Pet's 🙂 I can't recommend this place Highly enough, for anyone who has a Pet that needs that extra care 🙂

Annie Perkins

My name is Diesel and I am an old man now. Nearly 15! Seven years ago I had a back injury and a big operation for spinal damage. Now I get pain in my back and my legs get a bit wobbly. My mum has started taking me all the way to Mornington for "ferapy" wif Jodie. Boy does it make a difference! I come away feeling YEARS younger! I love Jodie, but I'm not keen on her treats, (will have to take my own!). I weally weally wecommend her if you want impwoove like me. Diesel the Dachshund.

Erin O'Shea

My 3 year old Husky, Aspen, has been attending ARC for 6mths now after a leg injury. As he is a sled dog, Jodie has researched and tailored his rehabilitation plan to his needs. For a dog that isn't keen on puddles, he seems to enjoy going for a run in the underwater treadmill. Would definitely recommend their services!

Lynda A Smith

Jodie is just fantastic with my dogs and happily supports my dog rescue group.

Carmel Rogers

Jodie has been fantastic with Princess (12yo Lab) we can already see the improvement in her mobility. Can't thank Jodie enough for all her care.


Jodie came out and treated my horse today. After being referred to her by a friend, I could not talk more highly of her. My horse was relaxed when usually uptight and I felt that I am now on a great road ahead to a more supple horse. 😊

Kerrie Lee Goodman

Jodie is fantastic and has helped my dog toby with his back problems and movement so glad we found arc.

Sarah Bear

Fantastic caring and genuine service
You can trust Jodie !