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4CYTE™ Canine is a revolutionary advancement in healing damaged joints for dogs.

It is an oral joint supplement that is backed by world-class research and development, including peer-reviewed papers, world conference proceedings and ongoing post-doctorate research. 4CYTE™ Canine brings confidence to a new class of natural Veterinary products.

4CYTE™ Canine contains Epiitalis® a unique advancement in joint treatment containing a plant oil extract, patented for its ability to proliferate chondrocyte cells with the purpose of cartilage regeneration. Indicated for use when treating mild to moderate OA, after joint damage or surgery, it can also be used as a prophylactic in high-risk large breeds, working or athletic dogs.

4CYTE™ Canine is safe to take long-term and is used to:

Address symptoms such as stiffness and lack of willingness to jump, run or play
Complement prescription joint pain treatments
Support healing after a joint injury or operation
Improve and maintain healthy joints at any stage of life
Boost the body’s ability to meet performance and recuperation demands in athletic and working dogs
Target the cause, not just the symptoms

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