McDowells Herbal Treatments Alleve8 Compete (1L)



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This product was formerly ‘Alleviate Compete’

This formulation has evolved from a consideration of the dangers of administering phenylbutazone (Bute) routinely to horses sensitive to its side effects. Traditionally White Willow Bark and Turmeric were used for pain relief. Guaiacum was traditionally used for Gout and Burdock as a blood cleanser for Rheumatoid processes. Pine Bark, Rosehips, Elecampane for its Allantoin content together with Yarrow in a Vinegar base all support repair.

These herbs have been traditionally used to reduce pain from inflammation and support in the healing process. This formulation may be used safely for both emergencies and in the long term for comfort.

The tonic will need to be given continuously for a minimum of 3 weeks, and can be maintained long term if necessary. Improvements are usually observed within 3-6 weeks on the tonic.

Fermented tonic to support a healthy microbiota
100% chemical free
24 hour withholding period for animals scheduled for surgery
Safe for the stomach
Safe to give long term
Can increase dose safely in times of injury/trauma/oedema
Can be added to feed
Can be safely given alongside veterinary medications

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